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How to Start a Private Tipi Hire Business

No matter what the field, any business begins with an idea. That idea gets fleshed out into a plan and that plan gets tweaked and honed until it is ready to present to the relevant financiers, backers or proposed partners. Starting a private tipi hire business follows the same initial steps, of course, but then as with any specific business there are some aspects that are unique and can only be anticipated with experience in the field. This is where Crafted Canvas can help. With many years of expertise garnered and experience in this exact situation under the belt, we are extraordinarily well placed to offer advice to any would be tipi hire businesses. If your plan is for another kind of hire business you will also find plenty of pieces of information that may be of help in this article, so please read on.


Now is the time


For a large number of reasons, not least the habits and customs we got used to during the pandemic, but also due to a growth in the appreciation of the outdoors and nature, there has never been a greater demand for outdoor weddings. Britain being Britain, outdoors can never be planned without some 'indoor' or covered space and that means there will always be a demand for tipis insofar as outdoor weddings are concerned.


Initial steps


Right up there with nailing your business plan in terms of initial priorities is finding the right area for your business. You should look at the wedding venues in the area and whether they are already teamed with tipi hire companies or if there are some potential venues with untapped potential that could be approached for a partnership. Look at the number of large estate houses in the area too as there is potential for home weddings and tipi hire there as well. This goes for all private hire companies. Choosing the right area to set up your business is fundamental to its chances for success.


Sourcing quality product


There are few things that separate a good private hire company from an exceptional one better than high quality products. Accept nothing short of excellence when it comes to your chosen manufacturer and where possible go local as carbon footprint is an ever greater concern not just for businesses but also for consumers.


Let us help


Who better to ask for help than the best in the business. We have helped many of the UK's tipi hire companies to find their footing and are able to supply you with an array of tools that will give your business the very highest chance of success.


We are able to supply exceptionally high quality high-resolution images for promotional purposes, as well as our bespoke Online Training Portal which you can access from all devices and provides comprehensive instructions and useful assembly videos. We have a superb floor planning tool and have tipis benefiting from the 'Strongest Tipis in the Wind' and Made In Britain' logos, which will impress even the most fastidious of customers.


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