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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Tipi for your Business?

A common misconception is that because tipis are temporary structures, as opposed to permanent fixtures like an extension or a new building, they are exempt from planning permission. This is not always the case and this article looks to clarify the situation and offer some helpful tips for any application you may wish to make.



Well, do you or don't you?


If you are reading this, the chances are you have decided or are strongly minded to opt for a tipi for your business to maximise the potential of the outdoor space at your disposal, without the vast expense of a new building or permanent extension. This choice will likely save you somewhere in the realm of £230,000 – with a large tipi coming in at £30,000 and a decent permanent extension of a comparable size costing around £300,000. But will it save you the cost and hassle of a planning application? The answer is it might, or might not. There is a grey area when it comes to planning permission for tipis and there are a host of variables that contribute to the need for planning consent.


Firstly, it can depend on the particular rules and regulations of your local council, which is definitely your first port of call. Usually you will need 'temporary structure planning consent' if your structure will exceed 100 metres squared. In addition to this, you will need rural planning permission in order to host outdoor events if your tipi is in situ for over 28 days. If none of the above is the case then your tipi will be exempt from planning permission requirements.


There are a few more mitigating factors, such as whether the structure occupies over 25% of the land outdoors or whether it encroaches to within five metres of the site's boundary. It is also important to note whether the available land for parking is in any way affected. With all of the information above provided, you will be able to easily ascertain whether you will need planning permission for your tipi.


Crafted Canvas can help


Should you require any help with understanding the planning process or help finding out whether your proposed tipi will require an application then Crafted Canvas will help. In addition we can connect you with our partners The Rural Planning Company who provide help with planning permission for businesses and work alongside 30 local authorities. They have provided services for farm shops, barns, forest schools and glamping sites among other rural businesses nationwide.


Help will come in the form of a clear timescale, overview of costs and a lowdown of how the process should go. In the event that they advise that you are unlikely to get consent then alternatives will be provided. After an initial (free) consultation you will get one of four pieces of preliminary advice.

1. The proposal is acceptable and achievable

2. More research is required

3. The local planning authority will need to be consulted

4. You should not proceed because planning consent is not achievable

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