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Finding the Work / Life Balance with Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson has his hands full. With multiple businesses and a young family, the Garden Weddings, Crafted Canvas and Totem Tipi man knows all about juggling family and business commitments and trying to leave time for himself, too. In a recent interview in Open Air magazine he opened up about how he achieves an acceptable balance.


“Family is still very much at the root of all Bronte [his business partner and fiancé] do; we run all our businesses under the watchful but sometimes mischievous eye of our 16-month-old little boy.” The desire to keep things in the family also seems to be there with Brett adding “he'll be team leader one day1 I'd love to work in the business with our children in the future.”


It must be a real challenge to not only run a whole host of successful businesses and bring up a young child, but also to stay ahead of the game in the industry. Brett gives an insight into how the pair manage this. “We're MUTA members and Bronte is part of the executive committee.” This enables them to keep abreast of changes in and also help shape the future of the industry they hold dear.


Business is one thing, family is another but if there's one positive thing the pandemic taught us it was the value of relaxation. Brett reveals that his main form of relaxation comes from swimming, but is quick to tie his leisure time back into business, professing his love for “a good money and investment podcast.” In addition, he finds downtime in his walks with the family's springer spaniels as well as days out together with the family. Recharging the batteries is as important as using them and finding the right balance will yield positive results.

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