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Starting a Tipi hire Business

Starting Your Tipi Journey

Tipi Hire Business

Thinking of setting up your own tipi hire business?


With the tipi hire rental market going from strength to strength there is definitely room for more tipi hire businesses in the UK. Tipis are ever-more in demand, with many moving away from standard marquees. Tipis bring a whole new level of functionality as well as a distinctive style and ambience lacking from other covered outdoor structures. When starting any business you need to consider demand, growth and sustainability – all three of which are extremely high in the tipi hire sector.

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Firepit inside Tipi

Setting Up Your Tipi Hire Business

Crafted Canvas is your trusted partner when it comes to launching and managing a successful tipi business. With our extensive experience in the industry, we offer invaluable business support and financial planning services to ensure your venture thrives.

We understand that starting a tipi business can be a complex endeavor, from selecting the right equipment to securing financing. That's where we come in.

Our team excels in providing tailored advice on setting up your business, helping you make informed decisions on asset acquisition, and crafting sound financial strategies to drive your growth.

Moreover, we can share time-tested business plans that have proven to be effective in the industry, offering you a roadmap to success. With Crafted Canvas by your side, your tipi business will not only flourish but also thrive in the competitive event and wedding market.

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First Hand Experience

Writing from experience, starting and running a tipi hire business is a rewarding enterprise. You will get to meet, engage with and build working relationships with a wide range of people from a whole range of backgrounds and business sectors.

Working alongside event planners and couples getting married week in, week out, you will strive to deliver outstanding events and help forge memories to last a lifetime. Variety is the spice of life and to carry on the anaolgy your working life will certainly be spicy if you choose to enter the tipi hire sector!


There are few in the tipi hire industry blessed with as many years of experience as Crafted Canvas. Boasting four leading tipi brands – Garden Weddings, Boutipi, Totem Tipi and our flagship wedding venue Skipbridge Country Weddings, there is little we have not experienced and learned from. As such, who better to assist you with business planning, forecasts and general advice on starting your tipi hire business than Crafted Canvas?


Get in touch now to find out just how Crafted Canvas can help you get your new business off the ground.

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Speaking to client inside tipi


We pride ourselves on delivering quality products for the rental and long term structure Market. Crafted Canvas was born out of the frustration of the products on the current UK market. From running two successful hire businesses we work with our products, day in, day out and understand the qualities needed in producing a successful, durable product.

All of our products are 
interchangeable with Tentipi and Kata Tipi structures.

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