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Witches hat tipi

Giant Hat Kata Tipis

Crafted Canvas was born out of frustration with the products available in the event structure market. Tents and Events is our passion and after years of working in the hire industry we found ourselves consistently underwhelmed with the current products on the market.  With this in mind we set about doing things our own way. Our Giant Hat Kata Tipi range is a result of this initiative.


This immensely popular tipi range offers great flexibility and a quality reflecting some clever engineering and superb attention to detail. Whether you are in the catering, weddings, hospitality business or simply seeking a high quality tipi for personal hire this range will have the right option for you. Safeguard your event from the elements with Crafted Canvas' durable and weather resistant tipis.

Single Tipi

Single Tipi – Our Single Tipi measures a spacious 10.5m x 10.5m and is extremely versatile. Perfect for smaller weddings or for creating extra covers in your restaurant, the Single Tipi is one of our most popular designs. Boasting a modular shape, it affords the possibility of raising any side and you can also add our clear extensions to allow light in and give your guests or customers a view of the surroundings.

Single tipi

Giant Linking Options

Double Tipi

Double Tipi – A perfect option for weddings and events, our Double Tipi is spacious enough to host all manner of events and occasions. It is capable of seating between 80 and 100 guests, while still affording room for a bar, dance-floor and band. Based on our experience, this is the perfect set up for most weddings and events.

double tipi floor plan
Double tipi with 2 babies terrace.jpg
Triple Tipi at wedding venue

Triple Tipi

 Triple Tipi – For those looking for something slightly bigger, the Triple Tipi is a phenomenal choice. Perhaps you have a larger guest list or want to significantly enhance your outdoor space at your current venue. In such a scenario the Triple Tipi is ideal, providing seating for between 120 and 150 guests. This Giant offers a cost-effective way of enhancing your outdoor space and for restaurants in particular it is worth its weight in gold, allowing for many extra covers for busy spells.

3 x tipi floor plan

Maybe Something Bigger

Perhaps you work alongside a festival provider and are on the hunt for VIP areas? Or maybe you are seeking to impress a corporate client who wants to host a sizeable company celebration? Whatever has you on the look out for significant extra hosting space, the fact that our tipis can be linked together to create huge, immersive spaces for events represents the solution. The possibilities are endless with Crafted Canvas and our amazing structures, when linked together, are truly a sight to behold.

Tipi for sale in North Yorkshire

The Crafted Canvas Promise

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products for the rental and long term structure Market. Crafted Canvas was born out of the frustration of the products on the current UK market. From running two successful hire businesses we work with our products, week in, week out and understand the qualities needed in producing a successful, durable product.

giant hat tipis

Brett Jackson

Director & Co Founder

giant teepee for weddings and events

Bronte Hall

Director & Co Founder

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