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Tipi Wedding Venue, Skipbridge Country Weddings

Starting Your Tipi Journey

Tipi Wedding Venue

At Crafted Canvas, we understand the unique challenges that come with starting and managing a tipi business.


With a proven track record in setting up permanent wedding venues and navigating the intricacies of planning, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our team is well-versed in the art of creating enchanting and memorable settings for weddings and events, and we've successfully overcome the challenges that often arise in this sector.


Whether you're looking to establish a permanent tipi venue or rent out tipis for special occasions, we offer comprehensive business planning and unwavering support. From site selection and design to permitting and logistical considerations, we're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your tipi business venture is a resounding success.


With our expertise, your vision can become a reality, and your clients will be left with lasting memories of truly exceptional events.

Client looking at tipi wedding venue
Bride walking into tipi

Becoming a Licensed Wedding Venue

With more and more couples opting for an outdoor wedding there are endless opportunities for suitable sites, but the process of obtaining a license can be prohibitive to many. The idea of an outdoor wedding with one or more lovely tipis is intoxicating and involves dispensing of the rulebook and painting on a blank canvas – an opportunity too good to turn down for many couples each year.


One of the main challenges faced by the outdoor wedding venue industry is the scarcity of suitable sites and the frustrating process of becoming licensed. Unlike a hotel that has a permanent structure for a wedding ceremony, for instance, outdoor wedding clients must either look into registry office options or look at getting their chosen site licensed for wedding formalities. 


Crafted Canvas have many years of experience and first hand expertise in this area and we can offer our advice on how to get licensed to allow your clients to have the full outdoor wedding experience, legalising their marriage on-site. Getting married on-site and celebrating in tipis is a dream for many and one we can help come true.

Giant hat kata tipi for sale

How Many Tipis?

One of the most common wedding venue-related questions we get asked is “how many tipis will I need?” The simplest way to arrive at an answer is to ask how many guests will be attending, what planning constraints affect the site, what the budget is and what activities are planned.


You will need to consider whether you need space for:


  • A dance-floor

  • A bar

  • Dining area

  • Space for a musician

  • Childrens area and other activities


Once these are considered we can help you to come up with the best configuration of tipis for your event. Crafted Canvas pride ourselves on guiding our customers to ensure they choose the right tipi(s) for their unique requirements.

Tipi for sale, wedding venue tipi, how to start a tipi wedding venue
Double Tipi at dusk


We pride ourselves on delivering quality products for the rental and long term structure Market. Crafted Canvas was born out of the frustration of the products on the current UK market. From running two successful hire businesses we work with our products, day in, day out and understand the qualities needed in producing a successful, durable product.

All of our products are 
interchangeable with Tentipi and Kata Tipi structures.

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